Time change

Britons be aware! Time has moved backwards. Don't get excited now, the Poorhouse is not about to reveal details of a successful attempt at Tardis-esque time travel. Rather the UK has - or should have - moved its clocks back an hour, and re-entered the Greenwich Mean Time timezone rather than the British Summer Time malarkey.

It is however very confusing, and despite assurances from nearest and dearest that it really isn't that complicated, the Poorhouse does get a little confused and feels better announcements need making in order to avoid embarrassing mistakes the day after.

For future reference, not that you'll remember for more than 5 minutes at best, Greenwichmeantime.com has a list of the dates for GMT / BST time change dates

.Don't get the Poorhouse wrong; who doesn't love either having an extra hour in the weekend, or a quarter-decent excuse for turning up an hour late at work the day after - but in these days where work generally consists of, for example, being stuck in an artificially office for far too many hours a day anyway is this really necessary?

These changes may even be slightly harmful to you apparently, with Dr Neil Stanley worrying that they might lead to semisomnia. Sounds messy.

It actually means "low-grade exhaustion", due to not getting enough rest. In perhaps a similar way to the effects of jet-lag, this one hour time difference can actually take a humanoid such as yourself 3 days to fully compensate for, if you don't take adequate steps to get over it. And these steps? Dr Stanley recommends leaving yourself a bit of extra time to calm down and relax before popping off to your nice comfortable bed.

The key to getting a good night's sleep lies in winding down effectively before bedtime... This is particularly important in light of the clocks going back, but I hope people will seize the opportunity to adopt new habits and start a permanent new wind-down routine.

Some of these findings come from a study commissioned by Horlicks, who no doubt would quite fancy you relaxed with a cup of their drinky-drink rather than anything else. However, there are plenty of other techniques that Dr Stanley recommends - suggesting, for instance, getting off the computer at a sensible hour and not blogging right before bedtime. Oops.


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