Transferring domains away from

Welcome to the new Poorhouse. Yes, it looks nigh on identical, but trust us, it did move around the country a little bit.

Part of this involved redirecting the domain name "" to point to a new location. Sounds simple right? Especially as it was registered through a company independent to the hosting space, namely The main reason this choice was originally made was that it cost a bargain £1.99 a year to do so. And up to this point, it has worked wonderfully.

However, trouble occurred when we needed to register and move to a brand new nameserver. After an email and a long time spent in the support phone queue, it transpired that despite having "Now with full DNS management" advertised on their homepage, there are actually some limits. Such as...registering and moving to a brand new nameserver. Sure enough, the support guy was happy enough to let us do so, but it would have required upgrading the account to at least a "home" account. The cost of this would be somewhere around £50 a year, as opposed to £1.99. Unacceptable.

However, you can transfer the domain name away from 1and1 for free, if you know how. For anyone in a similar situation, here's how to do it yourself (for .uk domains at least) at without spending hours in phone queues.

For a UK domain, you need to change the IPSTAG to your new provider. If you don't know what the IPSTAG is, it's a unique code assigned to a company so just go ask your new company.

When you have this, go to and login to your 1and1 account.

Pick Change Contract from the left. Click the domain you wish to transfer away from. Chose to cancel contract. Select the nearest date to today as the date to do it, and choose the Change Provider option.

It will go on to ask you for an IPSTAG, so put the new one in. Select "As soon as possible" as to when it should occur. After a while they will email you for confirmation, click the link there, wait a few hours, and you're done! You can check when your IPSTAG has changed by typing your domain name into a whois server.



Cheers for this, to say I work for one of the largest domain registration companies in the UK its shameful to say 1and1's system to change the IPS tag is appalling, no where is mentioned in the help files and searching IPS-Tag in the help files gives no information on how to transfer away.

Thanks a lot, this is the price paid for cheap domain registrations.


Glad you found it useful. As you say, when I looked I swear it wasn't mentioned anywhere, and the guy I first spoke to was insistent I would need to upgrade my account to get what I felt was already promised when I signed up. I guess they are just trying to make it as hard as possible to escape from them!

It was a good enough service for basic DNS but to say it had full control was not right IMHO.

Thanks!!!!!!!!! I had called


I had called 1and1 tech support as there's no way of doing this within the control panel. They said they would email me instructions (even though this would clearly have only taken 1 min to describe over the phone).

Anyway, I'm still waiting for that email! But have done it already thanks to googling this article.


1 & , what a royal pain in the B******s.

Glad you posted this, making my transfer easier after the idiots on the phone didnt want to help.

Excellent, thanks. It's so

Excellent, thanks. It's so good to have people who are willing to share this kind of knowledge for the masses on the net. Really helps.


thank you so much for this i googled ipstag 1and1 and this page was top of list

thanks again

Altering contact e-mail address

Thanks for putting this info on-line. It's a life-saver!

I use URL to transfer client domains and it is normal procedure (and quicker/easier) to temporarily modify the e-mail contact for an account before initiating transfer so the confirmation e-mail come to me. However, I have noticed that even when the contact e-mail address for the 'Account Number' is updated (via:, the changes are not reflected for the 'Contract Number' for transfer, even giving it 48 hours makes no difference.

There may be some way around this, but I have yet to discover it, if I do or if anyone else knows the answer, post here.

Altering contact e-mail address - update

Follow up to previous message. I did eventually receive notification of the account changes (via admin URL) being updated and reflected in the contract URL. It took almost 4 days. No idea why it takes so long?

Me either! Glad it worked

Me either! Glad it worked for you in the end but I can't see any sensible reason why it should possibly take 4 days! site down as well as my own websites

I have 2 websites hosted with I thought they were getting better, as I hadn't discovered my sites were offline for quite a while (this used to be a regular occurence). I am considering changing to another host, but worried about all the problems. Thursday 29 November 2007 5pm GMT, my own websites are currently down as is ... they can't even keep their own website online!!!!!! what sort of an advert is that!!! I think everyone should steer well clear of 1and1. Yes, their domains are cheap, but as they say in life . you get what you pay for.

1 and 1 down.

As far as I know they are still down, I have had trouble all day, email system down aswell as not being able to access my websites or the admin section of 1&1, for a big company it is really bad!.

Will be changing host asap. They may have good deals but their customer service is terrible.

Agreed, terrible!

I'm glad someone put this page up, just saved me some more hassle with 1&1. I've managed to move all my domains off now to my new host NetHosted, little advertisement for them in my name as they have been FANTASTIC so far, the support is amazing! 1&1 charged my card pretty much without my permission and though it cost me a little to move my domains it's definitely worth it, won't be quite so quick to save a few pence next time with this much hassle, they even jacked up the price on the renewal they charged me with no way to disabled it! :(

1&1 = MIERDA


I have registred in this forum only to say that you haft to take care with those of 1and1 because they are very nonprofessionals
and create some nameservers with them its something like impossible task because have a very stupid team support that I have saw in my all
life or what I found in 10 years from when I walk through the internet.
There are people in the support team of 1and1 who not know what is a nameserver itself and give support to the clients.
Bad Bad choice of domain register I made .. I want to transfer the all the domains what I have in 1and1 company because I can not let
some incompetent people to manage my domains.

Don't hurry like me when you buy a domain and think two times before to buy some thing from 1and1.

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