Upgrading, and a Drupal 5 version of the quotefilter module

Shocks! As promised, what, not far off a month ago, a few upgradey things have happened around here. Still running on Drupal, just a shinier, newer, still-in-development version. The upgrade wasn't so difficult but a few annoying things happened. The main trauma was that after getting a backup restore down by the hosts after an issue with the lovely image assist module made itself known, they added all the old tables back to the database, leaving anything with a new name in, rather than the cleaner method of dropping the database and starting again. This caused all sorts of later dodgy issues as the installer couldn't create tables it thought it should, modules thought they already upgraded when they didn't and so on. But it's done now.

As the Poorhouse took his goddamned time upgrading, the only thing that no kind soul had basically already done module-wise was convert the quotefilter module from Drupal 4.7 to Drupal 5.x code.. Luckily it was super easy to do.

Quote filter is the module that allows easy adding of fancy quote marks to anything in a <blockquote> tag. To see it in action, let's quote ourselves happy:

Calm down dear, it's only an advert. Even if it is a infeasibly annoying one.

Luvverly. So knowing that the original quotefilter was based on the codefilter module, of which there already is a 5.x version, it was really very simple enough even for those of us sans Drupal 5 API knowledge to compare the two and change tiny bits of the original to match the new coding standards. In fact, you could do it yourself in just seconds, but in case you can't be bothered, here's the resulting .module file. Just replace the 4.7 version of quotefilter.module with it, leave the rest of the 4.7 files in the directory, and you should be good to go on 5.x.

Full credit should of course still go to the original module maker, and those whose module inspired him.

The quotefilter module updated for Drupal 5668 bytes


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