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Geeks! Who doesn't love their RSS fix of the day? Web-based aggregators are clearly the way to go, allowing you browse the inane jibber of the blogosphere from the confines of your wifi-enabled bed and during skive-time at work without getting all de-synchronised. Google Reader is one of the Poorhouse's favourite examples of this, and it just gets even better if you add on the Google Reader Preview Enhanced script.

Designed for, amongst other reasons, those sites that offer little or no of the article text in their RSS feed, this gives you a new option whilst Google-readings to "preview". This opens the full page within your reader, rather than a new tab or browser. Much less disorientating. Because it's the full page, you can also do your abusive commenting and so on without leaving the confines of Google Reader.

You'll need to be using a) Firefox and b) the FF-addon Greasemonkey to allow it to work, but really there's few excuses not to be anyway.

Note that under its default configuration the preview will only work if you're on the version of Google Reader. If you want it running on say the UK version, add*
to the list of "Included Pages" for GPE under the "Manage User Scripts" option of the Firefox Tools -> Greasemonkey menu.

Handy tip: shift + V is a keyboard shortcut to open and close the preview.


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