Women break the planet

Ladies! You might be nice to look at, and a dab hand at the old housework, but really - you do know you are responsible for the ever-more imminent end of the world?

Yep, the Government's chief scientist has blamed your shallow, shallow attitudes to the important things in life for global warming, no less.

The problem with you, it seems, is that according to Prof King you quite blatantly find men driving needlessly-fast, needlessly-expensive cars attractive. Whilst your average male would love to drive his greenhouse-gas free bicycle around the planet it is common knowledge that to get you to even glance in their general direction you clearly need a gas-guzzling Ferrari.

Says the Prof:

I was asked at a lecture by a young woman about what she could do and I told her to stop admiring young men in Ferraris,

Quite right. Although one has to be super-impressed by the worryingly big-brotheresqe secretary of the Ferrari Owners Club's counter argument:

Nearly 90 per cent of people who buy Ferraris are married so they are not looking to impress women by buying their car

citing there, as he does, that well known universal truth that married men never ever look to impress women for any reason.

Statement of interest: The Poorhouse does not own a Ferrari and he does make compost. Britain's most eligible, some might say.

Obligatory disclaimer: yes, quite obviously he was using a perhaps too-specific example to illustrate an entirely credible point (that a change in culture is a useful prerequisite for serious action on global warming - we should admire those who use the least energy) but it's fun to laugh at him anyway.


environment be damned ... i

environment be damned ... i will not forsake my yearly F1 racing trip for no planet!


Jaimes (yes, female; yes, loving the fast stuff :)

Haha, looks like the

Haha, looks like the professor was spot on then! What about a compromise - I can't believe you wouldn't find the idea of a nice friendly electric-car F1 super sexy :-)

Remember the good old Sinclair C5!

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