Yahoo photos closing - any good alternatives?

It probably hasn't come as a surprise to many but the Poorhouse is a little sad - Yahoo Photos is closing down. Yahoo Photos of course was a place provided by Yahoo to store all your wonderful digital photos. Existing for quite some time in the past, it not-too-long-ago came out with a new version which was rather more Web 2.0 geeky-satisfying.

By that time Yahoo had also acquired that most famous of photo-sites Flickr and despite earlier claims of maintaining the two sites, which have rather different target audiences, now is apparently going to concentrate on Flickr.

They are being nice enough to offer to transfer your photos to another service before closing if you wish, otherwise they will just get deleted. The only problem is that as far, as the Poorhouse can tell, none of the services offered have the quite the rather attractive features of Photos - unlimited storage for an unlimited time (well, til it closes...), unlimited albums, custom privacy options and, vitally, the ability to retrieve your full resolution photos at any time - for free!

The services they will offer to transfer your photos to, and their T&C that highlight their lesserness in respect to the above criteria are as follows. Most if not all of the services have the option to pay for a premium account to give you the unlimited access Yahoo Photos had - for a price.

  • Flickr - for free, you can upload up to 100mb of photos per month. 100mb is not really a huge amount of hi-res photos in this day and age, but if you can put up with that limit you get essentially infinite storage space. You can only have 3 albums (aka "sets") and may only view the most recent 200 images. You can't download the original hi-resolution images. If you do not use your account for 90 days it will be deleted. Cost of upgrading to an account without these restrictions: US$24.95 a year. If you choose to get Yahoo to move your pictures across to them you will get 3 months of the upgraded account for free.
  • Kodak Gallery - You get unlimited storage for free at first - however if you do not purchase something from them (a real-life print, CD, subscription etc.) within 12 months they will delete your images. You cannot download the original hi-res photos. A subscription to get round this will cost US$24.99 a year.
  • Shutterfly: Offers free unlimited indefinite storage by the looks of things which is nice. You can't download your original high-resolution images though - the only option is paying for them to post out however many archive CDs you would need.
  • Snapfish: Free unlimited storage of photos in however many albums you want. You cannot download the high-resolution originals though except by paying per download, currently 30p each. Moreover you have to do this within 90 days of uploading them otherwise the high-resolution copies will be removed. The remaining low-resolution photos will get deleted after 1 year if you don't purchase something from their site such as hi-res downloads, prints, enlargements etc.
  • Photobucket: For free you get up to 1 gigabyte of storage space, and up to 25 GB of bandwidth is allowed to be used to view the images per month. Each photo can only be a maximum of 1 megabyte in filesize. You can retrieve the full resolution images provided your bandwidth isn't all used up for the month, but of course any picture of a resolution leading to a filesize of above 1 mb won't be allowed on the service anyway. You can upgrade to a pro account for $25 a year allowing you to upload images up to 2mb in size, for a maximum of 5gb total space and no limits in bandwidth.

Based on the above the Poorhouse may end up plumping for Flickr if nothing changes and seeing how it goes. Not too bothered about all the social side of things but if nothing else its nice API and extensive geek following mean there are more tools to use for it to make it fit ones' needs or get ones' photos out of it should it prove unsatisfactory. They also promise never to delete your photos even if your subscription expires, so everything is retrievable at a reasonably small cost. Plus there is a greater chance that the extensive tags, albums etc. set up in Yahoo Photos via many hard hours of tedious labour might be translated across nicely seeing as Yahoo owns both services...?

Whilst it makes total sense for Yahoo, it's still rather annoying though for some of us users- for many people Yahoo Photos was probably everything they wanted.


You may want to try Multiply

We have a similar experience but unluckily, I tried shutterfly and realized that I can't download them! My high-resolution photos are still held captive there. Haha! Also tried Flickr but found out about the 200 public visibility limit. I was searching high and low for a free unlimited high resolution photo storage (without a catch) and stumbled upon Multiply (

Recently, Multiply went for free Unlimited High-Resolution Photo Storage. I upload my 7.1MP photos there. Here's an example:

Thanks for the tip - I never

Thanks for the tip - I never came across Multiply before but it sounds interesting, I'll check it out. My photos aren't as big as yours so most likely it could suit my needs too. Much appreciated!

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