Zap with a flash

Kids. Who wouldn't want the little darlings? They're ingenious little tykes. It's just a shame some of them put their creativity to slightly counterproductive tasks such as fashioning tasers out of all and sundry and taking them to school.

The neo-classic method of creating such a device is via a disposable camera. One you get hold of one of those it's mere hack-and-slash electric engineering to create a light-weight version of said electro-shock device. Basically you remove the camera's flash, charge it up and use the resulting bare wires to prong into whatever object you wish to zap.

Perhaps the best, and most academically inclined, instructional video seems to have been removed from youtube, but several more exist, including this one:

You can see how easy it is, despite the dodgy sound and irresponsible tasering-your-pal sequence at the end.

For those of you more suited to the read-to-learn method, Staulkor has some nice instructions and diagrams of a slightly more complex build.

It should be said that whilst these devices aren't exactly military standard, it seems they do hurt if you're zapped by one, perhaps seriously so if you're vulnerable. Feasibly fatally were you to plunge it into someone's weakly beating heart, the Poorhouse imagines. In addition, due to electrical phenomena such as the build-up of charge in capacitor you'll probably shock yourself long before you make the world's next weapon of mass destruction. Therefore really, the Poorhouse advises you not to bother...but it does pay to know your enemy. If you're approached by anyone with a strange blue glove with a strange box and foil tips, it might be time to leave.


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